Social System Elite – Review + BONUS! Automate Your Facebook Marketing…

Social System Elite Review + BONUS!

So you’re either here because you already know a bit about social system elite OR you know nothing about it but want to automate your facebook marketing so you aren’t spending hours and hours copying and pasting just to put your content out there.

Either way we’re going to go over the what, the how and the why in this short post.

What Is Social System Elite?

This part is easy, it’s a software (has to be software to do this) that is a very very simple click, type and go setup.

1). You load up a list of groups you want to post to (it can find all the groups your a member of so you can sort through them into categories depending on what you want to post).

2). Then you type in your post (you can share images, text or links (with previews) just like you would do on facebook anyway.

3). Set the delays (don’t worry the recommended settings are all in the members area)

4). GO! Sit back, relax and watch your post go out to all of the groups you selected while you get on and do the more important things.

The easy way to AUTOMATE your facebook marketing, drive more traffic to everything you put out there and of course make more money.

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Now that you have made a post, it will be right at the top of the groups until more people post in them, driving some nice traffic to you or just raising the brand awareness BUT then a day or even a few hours later it will be buried below all of the other posts.

Now to get it seen again and get the traffic flowing, you have 2 options…

Option 1). You go out and post again, think of a new post and content and then shoot it out to the same groups over and over again (SPAM ALERT!)

Option 2). You use the inteli-bump feature which will bump your posts back up to the top of the groups either completely hidden or with a clever comment underneath giving an update, linking to your website or even posting some images (think proof!)

That’s Great But How Does This Work For My Business?

Without knowing exactly what your business is, if your not already leveraging facebook groups to get more traffic, sales or leads then you need to realize just how much potential is out there.

Personally this is how I and the other members of Social System Elite are using it….

JV/Affiliate Recruitment – This one is really simple, you can post your launch announcement into 100’s of the different FB groups automatically… BUT the real power here is that you can keep them bumped up to the top of these groups by posting launch updates, leaderboard updates, stats or just hidden bumps to get as many affiliates/JV’s as possible to jump on board and promote YOUR product over someone elses.

Local Business Marketing – As a local business owner, we post out at least once a week to all of the local buy, sell, swap type groups and keep the posts bumped 2 or 3 times a week to consistently bring in new enquiries. This is something a LOT of local businesses aren’t doing and really should be… so could easily be sold as a service to them! Think social media management 10x!

Solo Ads/Email Leads – There are literally 100’s of groups out there with people looking to make money online, what better way to get free leads by simply promoting your landing/squeeze page in these groups and getting a load of free traffic and leads on your email list. Add viral into this and you’re golden 😉

Traffic/Content Distribution – No matter what niche your content is in, there are facebook groups for your target market, join them and then contribute valuable information on a mass scale to build up your authority, traffic and get your content seen by as many people as possible.

FB Ads Social Proof – This is one of the EASIEST things to do when your putting out a facebook ad, simply paste the link into different related groups (and even tell them to leave a comment on the pages post). This then results in instant social proof of likes, shares and comments and means your facebook ad performs even better because of the social proof it has from day 1. Saving you money and giving you better results 🙂

Haven’t covered your business and struggling to see how you can implement this yourself? leave a comment below and we can brainstorm some ideas…


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What Else Do I Need To Know Before I Buy?


Is It Updated? YES! In the past month alone it has been updated 6 times, plus they have a private facebook community where you can suggest changes or report any bugs.

Will it work for me? The only downside to this software is that it is only windows based, i personally run it from my spare laptop but have also run it on a mac parallel (i use virtualbox and its free)

How Much Is It? Fortunately it’s a monthly fee of just $37 (price is increasing soon) which means the developers can afford to keep it updated whenever facebook changes anything and continue to support it, which means you don’t have to worry and can just focus on making money instead.

What If I Don’t Like It? It is covered with full support, training videos, tactics and a community to help BUT if for any reason you don’t get on with it then there is a full 30 day money back guarantee on it too. So you can test drive it without having to worry 🙂

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