Ninja Blaster Review – Automatic FB Poster Software

Ninja Blaster is the ONLY tool ive managed to find that successfully posts to multiple FB groups with images, links, videos or just plain old boring text WITHOUT it looking like it’s coming from some crappy auto-poster.

What do I mean by that?

ninjablaster1 NO more of this crap which anyone with half a brain can tell is an auto-post of some sort.

Which actually gets you banned from a lot of facebook groups too.

There are other one’s where you can define what it says in the yellow highlighted section, but still you can tell it’s all been auto-spammed out into the groups.

Ninja Blaster looks like manual posts….

You literally cannot tell that it’s been auto-posted, it looks like you have sat there for hours on end posting in all of these different groups manually. When in reality it literally takes about 5 minutes to setup and then it’s done…
Win Win!

In fact Ninja Blaster does even more than just post in groups….
Now I have had this tool for just over a year now and have only ever used the….

– Photo Poster
– Joiner 1
– Keywords

The FB group joiner:

ninjablasterjoinerThis little beauty literally allows you to enter in as many or as few keywords to search for as you like, then allows you to set how many members the group needs to have for you to submit a request to join (I set this one to 1,000+) and then it will go through and ONLY request to join groups that match (a maximum of 300 per keyword).

I set this up over night to join 300 groups of 1000+ members for 964 different keywords related to “make money online” and “mlm” and “rev share”. Then this is a re-run as I wanted to target some re-shares specifically as those are my target demographic for what I’m going to spam out to the groups (without it looking like spam lol).

ninjablasterrequestsThen give it a little bit of time and you will soon have people approving you into the groups (when they are closed you have to be manually approved into them).

And then that’s about it for the joiner.

I fired up the keyword tool in order to generate 963 related keywords to join groups.

Once you have joined a load of different groups in your niche you then really need to give it a few days before you start posting (just so you get approved to most of them and don’t keep having to re-add in the new groups you were approved into later on).

Then comes the actual poster….

This can be a little bit annoying the first time you set it up if you are a member of groups that you don’t want to post to or likewise a member of groups that are completely un-related.

As you can see from the list above I am in some window cleaning groups, local selling groups, copywriting groups and marketing groups and a total of 636 groups at the moment and counting.

Annoyingly what you have to do is go through all of these groups and de-select the groups you don’t want to post to (un-tick the box). However once you have done that then you can save that list of groups and load it up every time you want to spam out. *(This is why i said to wait a few days before posting out as this part takes the longest to setup).

Your other option is to run this tool and have a completely separate account just to spam out with (against FB’s TOS but makes things quicker at this stage and is one reason they have the proxy integration in there too).

Advanced Tactics

Yep! This tool goes way beyond just running a spam fest from your own FB account, you can load up as many accounts as you like, join different groups, schedule things to go out and likewise attach proxies to different accounts etc too for some serious spamming.

Oh and the cost….

I was actually surprised at how cheap this tool was for the time it saves me, they even have a free 3 day trial so you can test it out before you commit and can actually see it working properly yourself too.

Then it’s only $9.95 a month (or you can pay just $97 for lifetime access which is crazy cheap).

PLUS! More importantly with any software product they do actually keep it updated and keep updating it with new features, improvements and to make sure that it continues to work as it should even when facebook makes an update.

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Had a few people tell me that they have been suspended for a day or 2 when doing things manually and so I thought I would show you a campaign I setup about 48 hours ago that I will simply leave running to build up the visitors directly to this blog.

Now this is by no means going to be fast to post to all 821 facebook groups but with each of them having over 1,000 members and it doing about 30 to 50 groups a day of posting, it’s certainly better than me trying to post to them all (would never happen).

Once this one has run it’s course (probably a week or 2) then I will either re-fire it up to re-post again or pick something else to post up…

Traffic wise I am noticing an increase in traffic BUT it’s not really a fair test as I also have other sources of facebook traffic running in too. It is however certainly getting more eyeballs and some nice shares too!

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