Your Why = Your Motivation – What’s Your Why In Business?

Motivation can be extremely difficult, both to find in the first place but also to then keep it going after you have “found it”.

One of the easiest methods I’ve seen other people to, coach and teach (as well as myself) is to try and uncover what your WHY is…

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=”The Key Questions…”] – Why on earth did you choose to want to make money online or run your own business VS working for someone else?

– Why do you need to make X per month?[/thrive_text_block]

Go ahead and answer those questions.

Actually take out a pen and paper, write it down or comment below and let me know how yours compare 🙂

Is it that you just hate your job? your not a morning person and find it hard to wake up early? or that you want an easier life and think business is the answer?

What about the required/ideal income level? why have you chosen that number? more importantly though what will that level of income enable you to do?

See what I really want you to do here is break things down… work it out and try and pin point the exact reasons behind each of the things you want.

[thrive_highlight highlight=’default’ text=’light’]Let’s say your goal list (if you have one?) is to….[/thrive_highlight]

– Take lots of holidays
– Buy a new car
– Pay off your mortgage or buy your first home
– Sit on the beach and sip cocktails
– Take the kids to disney land etc

[thrive_highlight highlight=’default’ text=’light’]Now let’s break that down a bit further….[/thrive_highlight]

– If you have a partner or children then maybe the holidays are more so you can spend quality time with them?
– The new car is because you want something reliable, safe and a bit flashy and fun?
– Buying your first home or paying off your mortgage… maybe that’s more about providing security for yourself, your family and knowing that you will always have a roof over your head?
– Sit on the beach… same as above with more quality time.
– Take the kids to disney land etc…. again same as above.

You see now were getting to the deeper emotional meanings and motivations behind the things you want in life, the changes you want to make and these are the POWERFUL things that will actually motivate you!

The amount of money you need, is that more for security? to know that if something happened you had enough in your “rainy day fund” to survive the worst (which again links back to that deeper emotion and motivation!).

For a lot of people I’ve asked this to it’s usually about their children, their deepest emotional attachment is for their son(s) and/or daughter(s), to be able to provide for them, spend time with them and provide a positive for filling future for them.

Other’s it’s for their partners, to be able to provide a stable home, income security and less/no money stress.

Then everyone else it’s all about themselves (in a good way) so that you can experience the things in life that you want to, to tick things off your bucket list and live life to the fullest.

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=”Re-cap…”] Whatever your goals, reasons and motivation are you need to make sure you keep those at the forefront of your mind, use them to your advantage and keep them written down.

I use post it notes, vision boards and constantly go over my goals and “reasons why” when I feel a bit down, not as motivated or just a bit out of touch with where I’m going…

Hope this has helped (may be a bit overwhelming too) but take it one step at a time, one question at a time and break it down to it’s raw emotional reasonings.[/thrive_text_block]

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