The Art Of Getting Shit Done – To Do List 101 (Part 1)

So in a recent Facebook live I talked about how i get shit done (or attempt to get things done 90% of the time.

For me the KEY to getting things done and not forgetting is a simple To Do List

But (i think) I do things a little bit differently.

You see most of the the time i spend not doing stuff is from not knowing exactly what I need to do.

So before my old to do lists use to be simple, short and sweet and not very productive.

I now spend a LOT longer actually writing the to-do list, breaking it down into specific points and then purposely adding sections in (where things repeat normally) to make sure I actually have something to tick off and “feel good about”.

As I don’t know about you but if you’re anything like me you actually enjoy that moment of satisfaction when you finally tick something off from your to do list.

I also split it up into different projects too… so rather than one full list of things I need to do I organise it into projects (all of which need doing).

^^ I know this image is a little hard to read, so as an example of what I’m preaching (preaching not singing… you really don’t want to hear me sing!)

[thrive_text_block color=”blue” headline=”Example:”]Fiverr….
– Find gig image size
– Find 8 gig ideas
– Find competitors gigs and save
– Join ALL Fiverr FB Groups
– Order some competitors gigs[/thrive_text_block]

So now I know that if for some reason I do get stuck, I can simply either move onto the next tasks in that project, solve that issue OR move onto the to-do list for the next project.

As an example at the very bottom you can see numbers repeated twice….

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5

Those are labelled “articles” and “videos” as I need to repeat the process 5 times, one for each CPA product/offer I find (I have since added this to the fiverr section too as I need to find 8 gigs).

This now means I can tick off (or cross out) each number as I complete the task and get that little mind reward as a result more often than waiting until I have done the much longer job of doing ALL 5 articles and ALL 5 videos.

A good example of this was today a good friend of mine spent an hour procrastinating and not getting anything done because he didn’t know where to find the specific training on facebook pixels, so rather than moving onto the next task or another project or solving the issue and googling or youtubing the answer he sat and did nothing for an hour.

Hope you enjoyed this little extra blog post…

I’ve called it “Part 1” as well so there will be more parts to this motivation series too.

There are only 24 hours in a day and they are very very easy to “use up” with unrelated or irrelevant time wasting.

If you enjoyed this post and found it valuable then please don’t forget to leave a comment or even just hit the share buttons 🙂

– Lewis

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