Income Report – January 2019 – Let’s Get This Started!

Woop woop!

Finally after about 2 years of wanting to do income reports and having an empty hidden category for this on my blog (how’s that for some serious procrastination!).

I have pulled my finger out and finally got it done!

Strange thing is, as im writing this blog post and report it is strangely motivating (and sad that I didn’t push harder).

Everytime I have held myself publicly accountable, I seem to make more money and move business forward even more… (give it a go yourself!)

Side Note:

I run an offline business too, so anything and everything I do online is done for fun, because I enjoy it and to make as hands off (easy) income as possible. BUT! That doesn't mean I don't want to build up my online business back up to the $20k+ level per month again.

With that said and done, let’s get on with it and take a look at January 2019…


In any online business there are going to be expenses, some which come every month (hosting, domain renewal, email accounts etc).

Other expenses for outsourcing, buying new training or tools and things to help make even more money (or that’s the plan :/).

So let’s seperate these out…

- Everyday Expenses

D9Hosting – $10 – I pay this every 3 months, but it hosts all of my blogs (including this one).

Convertri – $25 – My funnel builder of choice, use it for all all my funnels, squeeze pages. 

ProductDyno – $15 – Backend members area, one of the most non techy setups out there and really quick to setup. Just used to give access to my customers and secure the download/thank you pages.

Aweber – $19 – Enables me to email you, no frills, no tech and simple and easy to use.- 

- Extra Expenses (training, tools, outsourcing etc)

Generally I’m pretty good at keeping these really low, staying away from brand new product launches and really only buying what I know I will use (mostly).

Side Hustle PLR – $35 – This one came from Tony Shephard and was only available for a short time. You can’t get PLR on it but I re-made it and it will become a re-usable lead magnet, upsell and extra addon product for my own products to up the visitor value.

Fiverr Service – $7 – Had some graphical work as part of my “local side hustle” that I wasn’t able to do so sold it for $20 and paid $7 to get it done.

Total Expenses: $112


This section I’m going to separate out into subsections as I have a few different revenue sources.

Likewise not all of this is profit as some of these methods do require an investment, so those will be broken down further to give actual profit.

- Fiverr

Income: £9.61 / $12.58

Only have a few gigs here, mostly hands off and take about 5 minutes. This is something I need to expand as I have built up 1000’s of reviews here as long as it’s a simple quick gig it’s well worthwhile.

- Reviews

Income: $191.40

Convertri – $14.70

UpViral – $14.70

Designrr – $162

- My Own Products / Services

Income: £9.61 / $951.64

Simple Offline Profits Report – This one still sells a few copies a month and yet was launched about 6 months ago, fortunately it’s one of those products that I actually continue to do (as you will see below) and so my occasional posts about the new income I’ve generated by actually doing as I preach keeps it selling evergreen.

Profit: $36.20

Content Writing – Not something I do all that often for other people, but something that I really enjoy and so I put out a special offer on this and managed to sell a large package within a week.

Profit: $570

Leaflet Designs + Printing – Using one of the methods in the “Simple Offline Profits” report I re-advertised my leaflet design services and got a flood of new orders this month. Fortunately they only take me about 30 minutes to make and deliver each and since adding on printing too it has upped the customer value and order rates too.

Income:£596 / Expense (printing): £340.02 / Cashback Profit: £7.85
Profit: £263.83 ($345.44)

Total Profit: $1,146.62

Moving Forward (Goals)

In all honesty, January was a slow start and judging by the numbers, the proof is in the pudding.

$1,546.62 is a great extra income, but it could have been a lot better if i had focused more on actually finishing my 1/2 done projects and getting them out there.

Next month I want to…

> Increase the fiverr income (add more gigs, add to their funnels, adjust the descriptions).

> Do more content writing as a service (I really enjoy writing and until I’ve cracked SEO and learnt that more.

> Launch another product (it’s already about 1/2 way though and all about my retail arbitrage which I actually haven’t even included above and just a simple side hustle)

— Let’s see if i can get up to $2,000+

That’s all for now though… Hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of behind the scenes into my online business’s and extra side hustles.

If your interested in following a little closer and getting the “mid month” updates then head over and join the FB Group (click here).

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