How To – Fast Youtube Money Sucking Review Videos – FREEBIE!


Figured I would give you a COMPLETE method that I use over and over again to make hands off, easy, long term and passive income online.

This works 24/7 and has worked for years, but there are a few KEY things you need to follow to make sure this works for you too….

I’ve also put a summary under each video to help you skim watch it (or listen to me like a squeeky mouse and use the video speed up secrets to watch them even faster).

Enjoy the videos 🙂

Bonus Tip: Use this method on ANY product launch (IM or non IM) and you will make sales!


– Video 1 –

In this first video we go over the structure for the review video, the technical parts of getting everything together (downloading the videos etc) and also look at the design and approach needed.

– Video 2 –

In part 2 we look at actually creating the eye catching thumbnails, sizes and some key points to remember as well. Then we move onto creating the actual video (click here to see the final production).

Video 3

In part 3 we go over actually uploading your video to youtube and the KEY things you need to be doing with your video to make sure it ranks both highly in google (without any SEO in a lot of cases) and also so it ranks within youtube itself and gets as MANY organic views as possible.

I’ve chosen to lock this behind a simple like or share (you can see how we do this here) simply because it’s the same information that’s sold in most of the youtube ranking products out there. So rather than paying for it, if you enjoyed the previous 2 videos and want the ADVANCED tactics too, then share the love and unlock it for free 🙂

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