How To Create A Realistic Online Signature – No Graphics Skills Needed

Nice and quick blog post to go over something that I’ve just had to re-do for a new sales page I’m creating and had completely forgot how to do it.

This is the simplest and quickest method to create really realistic looking signatures.

Without having to have a pen and trackpad, without going through 1000’s of fonts in graphic softwares or taking ages trying to make what should be a simple job take forever….

Here is what we are going to be using… It’s FREE!

Here’s some example signatures for my name:

There are 120 different choices, all that look fairly realistic.

I’ve chosen to go with Font 9, as this actually resembles my handwriting for my ever changing signature fairly well (no forging blank cheques with my name on them please!)

Next you can choose different sizes…

ALWAYS choose size 10, as you can always make it smaller if needed but trying to stretch it bigger will make it pixelate and go blurry.

Next Step is deciding on the slope of your signature….

Again, Just select slope 1 as you can always re-adjust the angle later on if you ever need to.

Next Step is colour….

Here’s the settings I use (and always keep it as a transparent background so you can use it on anything you want).

Personally I prefer the blue colour as it’s usually the “friendly” colour pen people use (unless your doing some legal forms where you always have to use black).


Here is my final signature all done and complete and ready to re-adjust and add to any page i need to.

Hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

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