Ranking YouTube Videos, Web 2.0’s & Authority Domain Posts

Let’s just take a step back and set the scene, about 6 months ago now I put out a review blog post, youtube video and paid $20 to put up a warriorforum thread too.

Fast forward to now and it’s finally gaining some traction (plus it’s recurring too)….

Why is it all of a sudden making some money? Simple!

It’s actually finally starting to rank for the easiest buyer intent keywords for that product.

You know… the “Review, Bonus and Discount” keywords.

These are the people searching on google who already kinda know what the product does, but need to be convinced a little bit more, or are going to buy anyone but want to see if they can get it cheaper or with any cool bonus’s (not the shitty PLR $50,000 packages everyone else seems to be peddling).

It’s not actually ranking all that great BUT it is up there in the top 10 for 2 out of the 3 keywords.

And I’m only currently ranking with the warriorforum thread, when really I need to rank with all 3 things (my blog post here, my youtube video and the warriorforum thread).

Plus it would be really cool to build out some halo web 2.o sites around the blog post to rank those too (I think that’s what you call them… if not I’m coining that phrase as it’s pretty cool and in SEO terms does act as a barrier to protect your main website too).

The Challenge….

All i want to do is spend as little as possible, and break down the different types of backlinking to these different sites/posts and report back with the results.

Work out what works best, the quickest and what ends up ranking the highest.

I haven’t touched SEO since the start of 2010 when Angry Birds launched and we managed to keep top 5 spots for all keywords for about 6 months (on and off) by spending a tonne of money on buying and renting blog posts (contextual backlinks) from PBN’s.

We literally had 1000’s of them pointing to it and were cashing in very very nicely until Google hit everyone with 2 or 3 animal updates (panda? penguin? polar bear? ant? who knows what on earth they called the stupid things).

What we’re going to try and rank….

I’m not going to touch my own domain with any links (I don’t think) because I’ve had this site for years and years now and really would rather build out a halo of stuff that links back and build out the links to that instead.

Plus I’ve done some reverse SEO on my competitors who seem to keep ranking for all the latest and greatest (not) product terms and have managed to copy most of their backlinks (other than their authority domain PBN networks they have built).

So let’s stick to: Youtube, Web 2.0 “Halo” sites and this warriorforum threads ive put out (literally just to try and get some traffic from that forum too).

How are we going to rank them?

This is a tricky one, as i’ve been out of the game for so long so if you have ANY advice at all on different types of links etc then let me know…. it’s been a LONG time and I know diversity with links is important too. Bloomin SEO!

1). GSA Search Engine Ranker…. this little tool will literally automate the task of creating links on 100’s of different types of websites. I’m going to keep this cheap for now though and literally just go to fiverr and buy a blast or 2.

2). Expired Web 2.0 Sites…. The cheap version of owning domain names and having hosting on them too, this is something I want to get into for another challenge so I’m going to use Domain Hunter Gatherer (it’s like $17 a month) and then I can choose the metrics I want to go buy as fiverr seems to be kinda low quality. These will take a bit more work, but will then create that halo with highly relevant content too.

3). High PR (I know I know!) and DA backlinks…. Fiverr seems to keep using PR as a metric which any true SEO guy would murder me over, I’m guessing they are mostly like forum profiles (which aren’t high DA or PR as are brand new pages on a website) and then blog comments which are.

4). High DA PBN blog posts…. I’m hoping on fiverr these are actually on domains and not web 2.0 properties, so I will have to message them first to see. These worked in 2010 so may work again now :/

5). Tiered SEO Packages…. These are like the new “link wheels’ of SEO 5 years ago, the one where you built a circle around something where everything “randomly” linked to everything else and then you spammed the shit out of everything with the same links over and over again and then repeated the process so that they would in theory all get indexed and seen.

Keywords & Main Posts To EVENTUALLY Rank:

UpViral + review, bonus, discount

Provely + review, bonus, discount

ProductDyno + review, bonus, discount

PixeLarge + review, bonus, discount (also want to rank for letclicks)

Convertri + review, bonus, discount

For the first part of this test we will do a youtube video and a warriorforum post for each of them, then to dominate the search engines we will continue the test once we know what seems to be working best and build out a quality web 2.0 halo around the main website with re-written shorter blog posts (that basically at the end say “to see the full review click here” and leads back here), then do whatever SEO tactic works best on that.

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