2 – Challenge Research YIKES!

My gosh.. remind me to never start a challenge right before I forget that ive already pre-booked to spend the day with my younger brother.

Clay Pigeon shooting and many hours of xbox later it’s now 3am and I’ve just about finished a 5 hour work stint to come and write this blog post and give you all an update 😀

Great day though and much needed! (Plus fortunately I did score more too)

So on to where I’m at with the research part of the challenge (i.e. sorting this pretty useless list of ideas into something that is usable and makes more sense)

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The Research Process….

If we go back to the previous post (click here) then you will remember we had 6 different ideas to research and put together to see if they were even possible.

So here’s where i’ve got to so far….

The CPA offer tactic needs me to signup to a tonne of CPA networks.

The issue with CPA networks is unlike JVZoo, W+ or even Clickbank you actually have to be manually approved for both the network and the offers inside too because you could easily just send fake traffic or junk traffic and that would damage their rapport with their advertisers.

So I’ve currently signed up for about 10 networks, knowing full well that some will require massive proof that I’m some big time marketer and will make them $1000’s or likewise that I’m spending $1,000’s on paid traffic.

Plus, really i want to be able to pick and choose the best offers from the different networks and do 10x the amount of work required to make $1,000 within the 30 days, literally just to make sure I reach that goal! (Public failure doesn’t sound fun!)

To Do: Phone the networks on Monday and see if i can speed up the approval process and basically tell them about this challenge and see if they can help me out.

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CPA Arbitrage Next Steps…

As soon as I’m approved in some then I can start running these offers and do the review arbitrage process on them all + more importantly group some freebie offers together to put together a nice UpViral funnel and then work out how to get the traffic rolling on that too.

Now what I have done though is managed to get “basic approval” on one network with a few offers inside and so I have shot an in depth video showing the whole research process on this review arbitrage method….

There are lot’s of products that sell this exact information for $27+ so what ive done instead is set this up on a help me to help you basis and underneath ive simply locked it with a content locker (more about that a little later in another blog post).

If you want to see the in-depth video teaching you the ins and outs of review arbitrage then simple share it on either twitter of facebook (or both :D) and its your’s to enjoy 🙂

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Fiverr was the other point I made and in a facebook live I shot earlier today (it’s in the free fb group too) <– click me 😀

So for this I decided I needed to make a list of skills, software, services etc that I already have and work out what was sellable (is that even a word) on fiverr and leverage the things I already have/know.

Here’s that list….

  • WordAI – Spins, re-writes content automatically at different readability levels and is actually pretty good in terms of uniqueness and readability (it isn’t pure garbage).
  • GraphicStock – Great resource for re-usable high quality images (need to check terms here though)
  • VideoBlocks – Similar to above but great for videos (think logo intro’s and outtros too) but again need to check the terms and see if it’s ok to re-sell this as a service if i can learn how to make quick intro videos for business’s logos (they sell very well on fiverr)
  • Ahrefs / MajesticSEO / MOZ / SEMRush – All really good SEO services that can provide reports and stuff that could possible be re-sold but again need to check terms or see what they all offer individually.
  • KeywordTool.io / KWFinder / KeywordRevealer– Great keyword research tools that also sell really well as an individual service and is highly in demand as without tools it’s boring and time consuming + these tools find the harder to find hidden keywords too.
  • BuzzSumo – Great for finding viral content in any niche (for content ideas is amazing) but might not be a service that could be sold on fiverr (need to research and see if people need it).
  • EcoverAuthorityPro – Simple software to convert images into ebook covers, boxes, CD’s, reports etc (all those flashy images that sell products better), I know this service sells on fiverr + it also comes with 100’s of design templates so could offer a design gig too.
  • Article Writing – As english is my first language and I actually use to do this as a service years ago I could offer article writing (BUT charging people $5 for 30 to 45 minutes of my time doesn’t really seem worth it right now)… may be something that could work if i niche it down?
  • Email Writing – I’ve written, edited and improved 1000’s of emails over the past few years and so this could be a really good gig idea (plus people struggle with email writing too).
  • Copywriting – I’m by no means an expert but I have to understand the psychology of selling and using words to do just that with my offline business marketing materials and so this could work on a short copy offer?

Ideally I really want to stick to things that I can easily get someone else to do later on, or that literally only take a minimal amount of time.

So we will leave that list where it is right now and once i’ve got a load of gigs up there and am naturally looking around that marketplace anyway I will see if i can find anything else that’s selling well and I could offer….
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IM Product Reviews…

This was another key part of the process… So far I have done one for UpViral because I’m actively using it in my business right now and will be continuing to use it in the future too (case study’s on there way soon).

For this one I wrote a blog post, made some quick images using my limited photoshop skills and then put it up on my facebook profile.

I also shot a review video and uploaded that to youtube using the main keywords (review/bonus/discount) (NEVER use the keyword “scam” for internet marketing stuff unless it’s just a tag or mentioned naturally in the content VS in the title to get the clicks)

Then literally took a screenshot of that blog post a put them all together and paid $20 to list it in the warriorforum classifieds ads section.

So far it’s only had 41 views and ideally needs some SEO done to the actual link of that post so that it ranks for the keywords (same as the review blog post) but for that I need to go back to basics and learn some 2017 SEO that will last long term too. (yet more things to do!)

It hasn’t made any money so far BUT I’m not surprised as I need to get all 3 sources ranking (blog post, youtube video, WF thread) for the keywords and it’s an older product so doesn’t have too many people actively looking for it right now….

Will have to get creative with this promotion and see if maybe I can use UpViral to promote UpViral itself too with a case study or something cool.

Plus I know a few of you are on the fence about picking it up as you have already messaged me privately and are waiting until you are ready to use it in your business to it’s fullest potential (the disadvantage of it not being some cheap $7 plugin that breaks in 6 months time).

Next review post will be about the content locker you see above and will be updated as I go along with statistics too so you can see how well (or rubbish it is working) but it’s a VERY nice plugin and full of features so I see no reason why it won’t work well.

Will follow the same process of video review, blog post and then putting it on the WF for each of the review posts to try and gain maximum traffic and potential reach on all of them too.

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Article Writing…

Not sure if i want to go down this route, maybe once ive got some of the other things going then I will take another look at this.
I know I can write good (lol) so it’s not an issue and I know it could be fully outsourced and then even take the business and flip it but it isn’t all that exciting compared to the other things I’ve got going on.

However I am keeping tabs on a few job posting resources for writers so will keep an eye out and see if any job posts come up that are in easy minimal research niches and likewise actually looking for quality, well paid content too (even better if it’s consistent).

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That’s I think about all for now….

Fingers crossed I get approved for the CPA networks pretty quickly and so can start running a few offers with the Review Arbitrage method.

Today is time to work on the next review post for the IM niche, finish off my IM UpViral funnel and then see if i can find some more traffic sources for this challenge to get it out there a little bit more.

Don’t forget to join the FB group if you haven’t already too (click here to join)

That’s all for now folks… chow for now 🙂

– Lewis

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