1 – The 30 Day $1000 ACTION PLAN

So every good challenge needs an action plan right?

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Now back to the plan…..

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Make a MINIMUM of $1,000 in no more than 30 days BUT while building up a set of businesses that will/can continue to grow (long term cash).

PLUS: Use methods, ideas and cheaper things to make sure everyone can do this or offer alternatives that may take slightly longer or not be as good but will still get the same end result (more moolah!).[/content_container]

Now this in itself presents a real challenge anyway….

Fast quick cash is easy… heck you can just do this (click here to see how to make quick cash on demand!) *coming soon*

Long term cash that is easy to get going and not spend weeks “preparing” and building things is a LOT harder.

I also want to build out something that’s going to add to my overall longterm business idea too… so it all needs to interlink and move everything forward (I don’t make things easy for myself!)

So here we go the main ideas…..

  1.  As you may have already seen I now own UpViral (click here to see WTH that is) which in itself i think can be utilized to promote CPA offers (freebie offers) and build a really nice generic list of freebie lovers who want coupons, discounts and free stuff to keep promoting more to them later too.
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  2. I also need to use UpViral to build out my own IM list… maybe some free offers and then upsells in there for my own made products, services or maybe just promote some products as an affiliate instead?
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  3. I NEED to get Fiverr going again, my buddy makes a tonne of money on Fiverr and if setup correctly, optimized and then outsourced could grow into a lovely little separate business and pay for a full time VA or 2 that could also do other work for me too.
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  4. On the same kinda theme I know there is still a huge wide open market for people looking for quality content too… now this is generally trading your time for money but with the right plan, playing middle man and charging proper prices for quality content that could also work? (something to possibly do?)
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  5. Reviews – I’ve just posted my first one up on the blog and use to make lot’s of money doing review, bonus, discount type offers… My issue here is I am NOT prepared to find a load of crappy PLR that will never be used, of no help to anyone and just filler with a fake price tag to try and get people to buy from me. Too many people are doing that and ok they make some money but realistically I want to make custom bonus’s that will actually HELP everyone who buys to improve whatever they are buying.
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  6. On the same theme I need to go back and learn SEO (probably a hard task in 30 days) but I use to make a lot of money just reviewing brand new products outside of the IM niche and instantly ranking high because I was one of the first to have a simple review post with that particular product name inside of it. This could well work again but will need a bit of research and maybe working out what platforms rank highly anyway that won’t distract the visitor away from buying and click my buttons VS ending up on someone else’s site or something (i.e. not ezine articles or youtube really either) BUT lot’s of traffic and a low conversion % with quick instant rankings is better than being buried pages down.
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Damn that was a list and a half…. 6 ideas! 30 days!
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Ok some need some research, some are more time consuming and some are more instant cash too… so we will have to see how this 30 days maps out.

First steps….

Research research research!

The clock is counting… I’ve started this process at midnight on the 2nd of June which means I have until the 3rd of July to make this happen.

I could fail, but fingers crossed this all goes to plan (or even better than this all over the place plan right now).

All i know is it’s going to be a busy 30 days by both doing the things above and implementing things to actually make this work AND then documenting as much of this as possible for you so you can take this information, implement it yourself and make some money too.

If your following along then leave a comment below… let me know your here (even if your reading this years and years later) and make sure you join the facebook group too 🙂

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Chow for now and see you in the group and the next post….

– Lewis

3 thoughts on “1 – The 30 Day $1000 ACTION PLAN”

  1. hi lewis..

    I think you forget the UpViral hyperlink at Click Here.. Wondering what it is.

    I am sure you can get to your goal less than 30 days.


    1. Damn I don’t know how I missed that one :/

      Really appreciate you pointing it out 🙂

      Thank you and yep fingers crossed… going to be a busy 30 days.

      – Lewis

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