The $0 to $100 Challenge – The Plan

With any good challenge comes a plan….

What on earth are we going to do to make $100 fast? *other than rob, steal or cheat our way to it*

My first thoughts here are to see if I can offer any one any help for things they need doing or are looking to hire or even buy (often people will buy old accounts on websites etc that you may have).

So let’s take a look and find some easy places to find work….

The first one is on some major Internet Marketing forums: (this one isn’t separated out and you have to just look at what is marked as “buying” unfortunately).

Now all these 3 are pretty good for finding things that people are looking to buy, but they don’t always have something that you are able to do already, but don’t worry we can still get orders and then hire other people to do the work (less profit but still works).

So let’s take a look…
1Straight away you can ignore all of the “reviewers wanted” threads as those are typically newbies trying to get reviews for their books so that then they can sell them on to people when really the products aren’t usually that good (sometimes you do find a gem though but don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis).

So the one’s I’m interested in right now…

“Looking for someone to post my WSO”
“Make 30 CRAZY GIF Banned Ads For Me $$$”

I’ve ignored the $1 one simply because with paypal fee’s and the time taken to do whatever it is they want doing, $1 really isn’t going to help much (shoot me later if you only get to $99).

So let’s take a look at these two threads and see if I can do them and how complicated they are going to be…

2This one looks really good, It’s for $50 and is literally just helping the dude to post a WSO on the forum (gotta be easy enough to do right?).

3 This one looks a bit too technical for me (I suck at graphics), however there may be an online GIF creator that could work for this that the guy hasn’t bothered to google. So let’s take a quick look…
*just an example website I found*

So we could do this for the guy if we had enough graphic knowledge and basically upload two versions of an image (one with a button and the other without or a faded version) to create a simple GIF like the one’s he is giving examples of.

Side Note: Make sure you scroll down and check the comments below the posts too as this one hasn’t had a negative reply that the post creator may just be looking for free samples.

The other option we could do is see if we can find someone else to make them for us and then contact this person, use the guy we are going to hire and showcase his samples to this client and just arbitrage the deal.

So let’s check out and see if anyone offers it there rather  than going through all the freelance sites which takes a lot longer to get samples back and find someone good.

Actually both of these look kinda cool, they both seem to have orders and feedback (positive) and so I could drop them both a quick message and ask for some banner samples (even save and send them the samples from the thread as what kinda images im looking for) and then ask for a price and turnaround time on 30 of them.

So I will do that now and then come back to this GIF thread tomorrow (hopefully they will have replied by then with samples that I can send on and a price that I can mark up).

*Remembering if the person doesn’t go with you or doesn’t reply then it really doesn’t matter as you have literally only spent maybe 10 to 20 minutes doing the research, messaging the graphic designers and sending across a proposal, if you win it then it could be a nice $150+ profit if you sell them for $10 each for example.

Going back to this first thread….

2This one from experience looks like it’s simply a case of the person posting this lacking confidence and literally just needing a helping hand to tell them that they are doing things right.

So let’s first of all double check and see what is listed on the warriorforum about listing a WSO on the forum.

4 Simple enough…

Let’s click on “create a new wso” and see if there is any documentation.

5 Fantastic… we can see how to do it right here.

They even have a video showing you how to do it.

Now this poster also mentioned having an OTO (one time offer) so they need either a funnel or to add in two products, let’s search within the warriorforum to see if there is any other help, just to make sure we have everything before sending them a PM saying we can help.

6 Quick google search later and we have a few different threads on the forum to take a look at and double check that there is enough information there.

Perfect, so this even links you to other help documentation and tells you how to do it.

Now it’s just a case of going through the video, the text and the documents and understanding the process yourself, then shoot a PM (personal message instead of a comment under the thread) to the poster.

*I forgot to include my skype by accident but taking things off of the warriorforum and onto skype makes it 10x quicker to get tasks done as well as communicate with client.

So now go through all of the forums mentioned above and see what offers you can do for people, what can you do personally, what can you find and arbitrage (get someone else to do and play middleman) and also keep a mental note of what’s in demand as we may use that information later to create a more long term business too.

Will be doing the same myself and will update you guys tomorrow once I’ve had some replies and see if I can make my first sale and work towards this $100 seed money.

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