The $0 to $100 Challenge – No Fiverr Sales!

So it’s been about a week now with the first gig live, 6 days with the 2nd gig live and I added the 3rd gig just a few days ago now…

BUT! I’ve made NO sales!

Which I kinda expected but wanted to test to see how much of a push I needed to give them to get the ball rolling….

Here are the stats so far from the 3 gigs (top one being the newest)
The last time I ran fiverr gigs (and actually made a tonne of cash), I actively pushed them myself via my blog, my facebook profile and posted them into forums to generate some sales and then it snow balled from there.

(Stats from my old gigs of income generated in about 3 to 4 months)
fiverr cash

This time I’ve done NOTHING!

Which goes to show you that you aren’t going to just magically make sales from fiverr without some “social proof” and even better actually driving some real sales and potential buyers yourself.

So…. Here is the issue!

Right now we can see people are searching for my types of gigs (the view count).

We can also see that a few of them like the titles and like the images (yay) and are clicking to view the gigs themselves.

BUT then no one is ordering……

Which makes complete sense with this marketplace (and most of them actually!). I have no recent social proof and no social proof on these particular gigs that would make people say “Yes, this person delivers on time, they deliver what they say they will and they do a good job”.


Next Steps….
So my next step is to go out and try and make some sales, hit up some friends etc to place some orders and get me a few reviews and maybe even some other sellers and see if they can do anything to help me and if i can do anything to help them and purchase each others gigs.

I also need to come up with a few more gigs that I could do (maybe a few more graphic one’s, possibly some email writing or something and maybe find some PLR packages or something that can be re-sold and are a simple copy and paste with a download, or maybe re-selling a service or learning GSA or something as they seem to sell really well).

Don’t forget to join the FREE Facebook group and hopefully the next update for you guys will show some SALESSSS!!!

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