The $0 to $100 Challenge – Fiverr Review – What Gigs Are Selling?

Sorry for the delay in getting this blog post out here, offline business as well as my personal life has been manic recently.

But here we go… In this post were going to take a look at Fiverr.

Now as I said in the previous post, don’t get dis-heartened that we are only talking about making $5 (or less with fee’s), they do have upgrades as you sell more “gigs” (their word for each order), plus it provides many people with a full time income from just doing very simple and quick services.

Likewise moving the business forward you can easily train someone up who you can hire for just a few $ an hour, which then means if they cost you say $5 an hour, you would only need them to complete 2 gigs an hour to double your money every single time.

If your gig’s only take 15 minutes to complete then you could do 4 an hour = $20 an hour and then hiring someone to do them at $5 an hour means you make $15 an hour profit.

So let’s take a look at Fiverr itself and see what we can find on there that we could easily replicate/copy and hopefully make some sales off too.

fiverr1 fiverr2
So these are the main categories which hold all of the gigs and services within fiverr.

So were going to take a look and see what’s selling…..

Your first step is you need to signup for an account, pick a name your going to be happy with selling with (it doesn’t matter too much), personally I just use “firststopim”, but it’s completely up to you what you would like to use.

For the next part what I’m actually going to do is switch over and run through this on a video instead as it will be much easier to take a look and show you everything on fiverr.

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