The $0 to $100 Challenge – Create A Fiverr Gig That Sells!

So this has been wayyy over due on the challenge timeline front. Unfortunately when you also run 2 offline business’s some things just get in the way.

But good news!

Following on from the last blog post (you can see that one here) where we took a look at what was actually selling on fiverr to get some gig ideas, it’s now time to actually setup a gig (and then more after to maximize sales).

Why would we create multiple gigs (even if they are similar)?

The whole point is that then means more gigs will be visible in the marketplace which will lead more people to see our profile and the rest of our gigs too. Which then increases the sales and increases the chance of people buying more than one gig too (especially if they are similar).

So in this video we are going over…


  • Gig Creation
  • Gig Image Creation + Optimization Tips
  • Gig Description Optimization
  • Arbitrage (just touching on it here)
  • Other Types Of Gigs To Run

*I know the video is a little long but feel free to skim watch it or jump to the parts that are of more interest (click here to see the post on how to skim watch long videos) 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The $0 to $100 Challenge – Create A Fiverr Gig That Sells!”

    1. That’s all it takes, if you can do that then get a gig up and see if you can make any sales.

      The one’s where they will install plugins or a design seem to sell well too, as do customization and malware removal etc


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