The $0 to $100 Challenge – 48 Hours $60

So it’s about 48 hours later (probably less) and so far we have a winner…

Remember the WSO help from the previous blog post?
Well they got in touch, we sat on teamviewer for about an hour and managed to get the WSO 3/4 of the way online (they were missing the sales page for their OTO).

Then more importantly for this challenge they sent me $60 ($10 tip)

Obviously there is about 30 more minutes of showing them how to get the OTO up and connect it together with the front end product but for 2 hours or work total for $60 isn’t bad at all.

Now that leaves us with $40 more to make as quickly as possible (and a little bit extra for the paypal fee’s of like $3)

Which comes to the next plan…

Being solely reliant on just a few marketplaces, waiting for people to get back to you quickly (even if you send a message to everyone) and then hoping that more jobs will be posted that you can do isn’t really the best option if you want to move things quickly or actually use this to build up a business.

We need to get ourselves out there and get in front of buyers with a range of different services we could offer.

Introducing… FIVERR!


Now I’m not going to go into too much detail about fiverr other than it’s a marketplace for literally anything (legal) and everything sells for $5 ($5.50 now).

Then once you get enough sales and positive feedback you can add upsells on and charge a lot more for a more complex service or to get more things etc etc (depends on what your selling).

Now I’m going to cheat here slightly as I have an older account that I use to sell things on years ago, but I won’t be listing any up sells until later on so it won’t make much difference compared to what you will be able to do 🙂

The next step is doing some research into fiverr and seeing what kinda service you could offer on there….

Side Note:Just because you only get paid about $5 for each task doesn’t actually mean it’s not going to make you a lot of money, if you compare it to a normal job where you would get paid $8 to $10 an hour (I guess that’s the wage in the US based on a quick google minimum wage search), you actually only actually have to deliver 2 to 3 gigs an hour to make more than you would in a day job.

Plus, you can always outsource everything you do on fiverr to someone for $5 an hour and make even more profit once things scale up (we will get to that in a future challenge).

See you in the next post 🙂

Almost forgot…
I’ve setup a FB group to try and help keep you updated a little better, be able to give you a bit of advice and help and likewise show you some more behind the scenes stuff too 😉


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