Introducing the $0 to $100 Challenge!

So let’s get this blog going with a challenge that will take me back to the very beginning of my time online and is perfect if you have never made a dollar online (or even if you have actually as it’s the basics of making money online).

Introducing the $0 to $100 Challenge!

Yep, no $100 a day, no $10 a day method or anything else long term, that will all come later on.

What I want to do is give you a step by step process that I’m going to do right in front of you to make $100 from absolutely nothing, no investment, nothing to buy here.

I simply want to get you past that first hurdle of making your very first $ online and then keep on moving forward from there to get to $100 and have some “seed money” that you can then use to invest in your success.

So put your credit card away, stop checking your paypal balance to see if you can buy something… I’m going to take you on a little journey to make $100 as fast as possible doing a range of different things online and do every single one of them myself too.

Once you have made $100 from spending nothing other than your time, that’s when we can grow things and turn that $100 into the next challenge and actually use it to build you a proper business that will make even more money.

Note: This may take a while to make, this may only take a day or two, it all depends on what we find, how hard we work and how long it takes us to get things done as well as what previous knowledge we have regarding online marketing, web design, graphic design or any other skill you have (I literally have no noteworthy skills).

So let’s get started…. And get some research and some sort of plan put together.

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    1. Will try and post an update for this every day,

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  1. Hi Lewis,

    I’m in as well if it’s not too late lol. Could you please tell where is the starting point and what contribution I should make?


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