Fiverr Gig Requests – What NOT To Do!

So I recently made a gig request that had already after just 24 hours (probably only 12 hours actually live) has had over 20 offers already!

Fantastic (or so I thought!)

I then started to go through the gigs and remove the one’s that were really awful and shortlist the best one’s to see who I wanted to hire to get this done. Luckily I stopped half way through and thought this would make a valuable post for both people putting out gig requests AND people who are applying and submitting offers to try and win gigs too.


I asked “Simple Fiverr Research…. I need a list of the top 100 selling gigs in an excel file. Looking for a fixed price quote only!”

Note: This is actually going into a freebie product for you guys as a bit of a bonus so keep an eye out for that and join the FB group (click here to join it) as I will post it up there first when it’s live 🙂

I also didn’t set a price as I wanted someone to do the job probably and ideally format things nicely so it was easy to search through, easy to browse and separated out by categories and types of gigs as well as showing how many reviews, review ratings, link to the gig and maybe even the sellers name too (they could have multiple good gigs that are selling well).

So really I left it very open to try and get someone who was forward thinking, knew what information would be valuable (vs just a list of url’s to gigs) and also wanted to make sure they weren’t just going to send me the amazon ebook that tells you 100 generic types of gigs.

Also as I haven’t even attempted to do the research myself it may be that there are 100 different sub categories on fiverr and just getting 100 top selling gigs is too small of a number, so I was open to listing more depending on what price was quoted for 100 gigs (after all 1,000 top selling gigs is probably too overwhelming to look at and process).

Here are the offers I’ve received so far (I’ve left a little comment next to each of them)….



Some of these are shockingly bad…. and really they could have tried just a little bit better!

You may have noticed I completely ignored the number of reviews the gig they have linked has, I also ignored the prices quoted until afterwards too. I literally did what I’m sure most other people will do (unless they are on a set budget I guess) and just read what had been written.

Now this gig may be different to most requests but what you write here CAN make people pay a little bit extra, It is the ONLY chance you have to make someone actually hire you and you need to treat this little box as if your sat in front of your potential employer at a job interview…. First Impressions Count!

5 Tips On Getting Your Offer Accepted/Picked….

– Relate It Back To Their Request (I.e. prove that you actually read it).
– Think of what else you could do/offer to go above and beyond
– Be personal, Say thank you and include your name (usernames are so impersonal).
– Keep it on track, No one cares if you can do SEO if they are looking for graphics etc
– Use a photo of YOU in your profile pic/avatar, everyone is looking to hire a person not a logo or generic avatar.

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