Fiverr “Excessive Use Of The Terms…” SOLVED!

I understand why fiverr has this feature (to stop keyword stuffing to try and climb up the internal ranking system which is similar to the original google when it first launched)… BUT this “excessive use of the terms” is bloomin annoying when there is only a limited vocabulary for certain words.

Case in point….link 

I mean come on!

I tried changing the word “Backlinks” to “backlink” and then changed “link” to “links” and it still didn’t work.

I then added in even more text to see if it was % based and it still didn’t like me!!!!

So in the end here is what I did….
kNotice anything wrong with any of the words in the above image? (look closely)

Nope nor me! But it finally passed inspection WOOOOO!!!!

Here is what I did to “cheat” it (probably won’t give me their internal ranking boost anymore though for keyword stuffing but I just wanted the gig live).

symbolsI googled “character symbols K” to find the letter K (in lowercase) but with a slight alteration to it from the typical UK/US keyboard.

Then copied and pasted this new funky style K with a little dot or squiggle underneath it and pasted it in just 1 instance of the word “backlinks” and it worked (you may have to use it a few times depending on how many times you are using the word).

BUT it saved me a lot of aggravation and doesn’t look any different on the live gig either 🙂

Here it is live…. (i highlighted the abnormal K for you).
All sorted!

The gig is now live and hopefully will start selling within the next few days too 🙂

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