SENuke XCR Review – Can it really get High Rankings?!


SEnuke XCRSEnuke XCR Review

It’s pretty easy to get sucked into the confusions and frustrations of off-page SEO these days. Things have changed drastically in the past few years, people who thought they knew everything about backlinks and organic rankings are now sadly out of the loop. With the Penguin and Panda updates from Google, SEO has changed shape once again, forcing us marketers to learn the new algorithms and just WHAT Google wants from our marketing efforts.

What Is SEnuke XCR?

If you’ve been following SEnuke as a product throughout the last few years you’ll know that it’s a constantly changing program. This isn’t a bad thing by any means, it’s actually what every SEO marketer should desire in a product. The reason it changes so often is because it’s constantly moving with Google and being updated so that the product maintains its effectiveness bringing you results! Before I knew these points, I just thought to myself, “oh boy, ANTOHER SEO product that isn’t going to deliver..” But I think this time may be different which I’ll illustrate in this SEnuke XCR Review.

First there was SEnuke, then there was SEnuke X. Both products proved effective in their day, but of course Google changed multiple times, causing the methods the existing programs used to become dampened. Therefore we are now at the newest version of the product which of course is SEnuke XCR. SEnuke XCR has created the first crowd-sourcing portal for an SEO product. This is a VERY big deal as it means you can tap into many new areas to create backlinks in mass form from. The program has a sector which allows you to create backlinks from forums, blogs, PDF sharing sites, wiki sites, Facebook and Twitter. It even has a great function which enables you to create link juice for Google Places listings, this is very useful for those who do offline local marketing.SEnuke XCR review

Ready to try SEnuke XCR out? Take it for a test drive today with a 14 day Free-Trial

How easy is SEnuke XCR to use?

This is a question I’m always seeing from people looking to either get into SEO or purchase an SEO product. Most SEO products are pretty easy to use, it takes minutes to get familiar with the software, HOWEVER all we’re bothered about is how effective the results are, that’s the main thing after all right?! The main interface is pretty easy on the eyes, and with SEnuke XCR’s new 30 Second Turbo Wizard function, you can have your link diagrams created and set to go in next to no time at all. You can set the links to build up gradually at your own desired pace, and how many links daily you’d like created. All the ‘usual’ necessary functions are included, but everything is enhanced by the latest upgrade. By far the most accomplished function which has caught everyone’s attention, and got the SEO world raving is the crowd-sourcing portal. SEnuke XCR review


There’s also an area where you can download scripts uploaded by other users of SEnuke XCR. This is great as it allows you to find scripts created specifically for your niche so that you can target sites which are only relevant to yours. Google has already said that the new ‘best’ way to backlink is by using relevant backlinks, it’s no longer a case of how many backlinks you have, even if they’re high quality. It’s all about relevant high quality backlinks. Therefore if you can find a script in SEnuke relevant to your niche, you’ll REALLY boost your rankings in the naturalist of manners according to Google and the serps.

Another feature which caught my attention was the user based script function in SEnuke XCR. Basically there’s a portal in which you can download scripts optimized for specific link building diagrams and niches, then run them yourself.

This gives you:

1) More backlinks from new sources

2) New backlinks from relevant websites and web destinations. (This is really helpful and useful since the new Google updates) All you have to do is search through the script listings and you’ll be able to find relevant scripts in your niche.SEnuke XCR review

However, you can only download scripts with a certain amount of ‘points’. You start with ten points and then it’s up to you to build your points so that you can download more scripts to use. How do you gain points? Upload your own scripts into the system, then you’re given points instantly. You can outsource the script creation at freelancing sites, then share them on “SEnuke XCR” to build up your points.

This will save time, plus you’ll have experts creating high quality scripts you too can use.So what are the best points about SEnuke XCR in this review:

  • It allows you to build links in the EXACT manner which Google and other serps want you to by using a more natural and RELEVANT backlink building criteria
  • You can have your link building campaigns and diagrams created within 30 seconds!
  • You can download already written scripts to make your backlink building efforts WAY more effective
  • You can earn points and share your own scripts to gain points so that you can download EVEN MORE scripts resulting in more high quality backlinks

Ready to try SEnuke XCR out? Take it for a test drive today with a 14 day Free-Trial

Overall Conclusion About SEnuke XCR Review?

My overall feelings towards this software are most certainly positive, the creators Areeb Bajwa & Joe Russell have geared this product completely towards the ever changing possibilities which Google creates. They know that Google is forever developing and slapping sites, therefore they wanted to create a product which can move with them and keep us marketers happy. And I believe they have done so, other products are out of date, they can’t deliver the same promises anymore as their methods no longer apply to ranking with the new updates. This isn’t the case with SEnuke XCR. If you want to take advantage of the 14 day Free-Trial you can do so now by visiting the link below, it’s 100% risk free so there’s nothing to lose :)

Ready to try SEnuke XCR out? Take SEnuke XCR for a test drive today with a 14 day Free-Trial