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The BEST Motivational Videos…

When it comes to getting motivated and actually getting your mind in the mood to working you need something to trigger that.

I know from personal experience that it can be a daily battle to get your ass into action and do something worthwile.

I mean sersiously when you have the choice between sitting on your ass and watching your favourite TV show or sitting at your desk and actually doing some work (even when you know you need money), well we all know which one usually happens right?

But your here to change that!

So let’s get watching some motivational videos and get you PUMPED….

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Movie Motivation – Limitless – The Power Of Clear Thinking…


Limitless – The Power Of Clear Thinking…

If you haven’t already seen this movie then you really do need to!

Movie Overview…

It’s a film about a struggling writer who is broke and depressed who takes a drug called NZT 49 which enables anyone to use 100% of their brain and become limitless!

Wikipedia Link | IMDB Link

IM Connection…

I have watched the film about 10 times so far since it’s release and it’s now on my “motivation playlist”.

But the connection here isn’t to start taking drugs and thinking they will make you into those amazing do anything kinda person but instead to use what you already have…. use your brain to it’s fullest extent!

The main thing this drug does is let you see everything clearly, know exactly what you need to do and how to do it and then you just get on and do it!

Now of course this drug doesn’t exist (unfortunately) and if it does i want it!

BUT what we do have is the power of focus, so start….

  • Writing to-do lists so you know what you need to get done!
  • Learning about things that are going to help you there and then and not buy into every new shiny product that comes out promising you millions but just leading you off onto something else!
  • And finally sit down and actually get things done!

Now the to-do list part of things is easy once you have something to do, so go grab that latest ebook if you don’t have a method and cut it down into steps and start from the beginning and work on it until the end.

If you get stuck then go and research on exactly what your stuck on, the people who make money are the people who actually sit down and do something… anything that could make them something! Your more likely to make money if you do something than if you just sit there procrastinating and thinking about doing it all day! Plus it doesn’t matter if it isn’t perfect or if there is a better/easier way to do something.. if the method makes money for you then you can tweak it later on!

This final part about actually getting things done can be difficult… personally i use the “action machine” program which you can do your to-do list on and makes you work 10x faster and harder and get things done if you use it! You can check it out here… Click Here!


With that being said i do highly suggest you watch the movie. Every time i watch it i feel really motivated and have had numerous sleepless nights after watching it (which i suppose is both good and bad)!

Once you have watched it then leave your thoughts below and if you have any motivational tips/tricks that you use then share those too :)