Backlinks Indexer Review – Does It Really Work?

backlinks indexer

backlinks indexer Backlinks Indexer Review

So first off let’s talk a little about what backlink indexer is, then we will move on and talk about why it’s important you index your links properly (most people don’t do this) and then see how it compares to the other indexing services and finally see if backlinks indexer is right for you!

What is Backlinks Indexer?

It is basically a fully automated hands off, copy paste and click service to index your backlinks. But it doesn’t do it like traditional services do!

In fact it’s completely different…

How link indexing worked before…

You see before to index your backlinks you would ping them right which is common knowledge however it soon became obvious to google that the only reason people were pinging websites was to try and get them seen and so they put a lot less weight on any site that kinda forced google to re-crawl it and soon enough like most methods they get abused pining for backlinks indexing stopped working like it did before.

The second solution…

So then instead of pinging people started to do social bookmarking or use things like scrapebox to blast out their links in the hope they would get seen, but basically what you were then doing is posting your links on sites with 1000’s of other links that are old, outdated and again are not getting crawled or re-indexed either at all or as much as you need!

So there we have 2 solutions which separately don’t work nearly half as well but combined and tweaked so your posting to sites that do get crawled regularly and result in your links being seen, which brings you back to the solution… backlinks indexer!

BUT! I still haven’t shown you exactly how backlinks indexer works right? and this was suppose to be a backlinks indexer review! So let’s take a look…

backlinks indexer review

Confused? You should be!

This image doesn’t really do the service any justice at all and if you have seen the main website then you will already know that that is kinda all they give you, as this service actually receives most of it’s clients via personal recommendation only which is a big plus but of course you don’t believe me so let’s continue on..

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The Nitty Gritty Of How It Works…

In a nutshell all you have to do is go into the dashboard after signing up and simply copy and paste in your backlinks.

Then everything else is completely automated by backlinks indexer!

What the service then does it goes out and posts your links surrounded by content completely hands off for you to their massive network of sites, they bookmark it, submit it to article directorys, web 2.0 sites etc etc etc and all the places where things are getting crawled. They even go a step further and use “trending keywords” that people are searching for right now to get things indexed even quicker as google is actively trying to find as much content on the latest news and trending topics so it can show its users the best results.

Each url you submit gets 14 backlinks built to it each time it is run through the system from the following sites they own/manage in the service…
***This is important***

  • Over 1,000 Unique C Class Blogs
  • Over 10,000 Web 2.0 Blogs
  • Over 1500 Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Over 10,000 Micro Blogs
  • Over 1,000 Content Aggregator Sites
  • Over 100 RSS Aggregators

***Most people don’t realize this but build links to your links (confusing i know) actually improves your sites rankings and is called Tiering. Using this service to do it for you automatically gives you a huge advantage over every single one of your competitors straight away!

And that’s it! You come away with a hands off solution to index your backlinks and actually get them seen and accounted for by google with a method that will NEVER stop working because it’s built on the same fundamentals google has used since starting to find websites and new content and get that stuff indexed. Plus it doesn’t look spammy at all!

Oh and for you WhiteHat only guys… this could be seen as more blackhat BUT it can NEVER effect your website and will NEVER cause any penalty’s etc… if it does i will personally send you a cheque for double the cost of your website! (Seriously its impossible and i challenge you to prove me wrong!)

Now you know how it works, why it works and what it does for you let’s take a look at it in comparison to the other backlinks indexing services that are on offer and finish up this backlinks indexer review!

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Is There Anything Better Than Backlinks Indexer?

Of course you only want the best of the best right? and you want to know that what ever your using to index your backlinks will work and work well! So let’s take a side by side comparsion of how backlinks indexer compares to the other major services…

Were going to look at the following services:

  • BacklinksIndexer
  • LinkJuiceMaximizer
  • Nuclear-Link-Indexer
  • Indexbear
  • Backlinkindexing
  • Linklicious
  • SenukeX Xindexer

So first and for most what we should care about most is the amount of links that get indexed right?

Now check this out…

backlinks indexer case studyThis test was done over a 15 day period. After the 15 days the results stayed exactly the same and as you can clearly see although initially it was slightly slower to start overall backlinks indexer shot way up compared to the others and indexed 2 to 3x more than it’s competitors!

So you can clearly see that it’s better at indexing but what about cost?

We don’t want to be paying through the nose to simply get our backlinks indexed and so cost is a really important factor too especially if your on a tight budget or even worse have 1000’s of links you need to get indexed on a consistent basis!

Cost per indexed link comparison chart using the same statistics!
backlinks indexer case studySo there we have it again…

Not only does backlinks indexer index MORE of your backlinks than any of the competing services, it also cost’s LESS than any of them too!

BUT! Im sure you still don’t believe me so let’s take a last look at what other people across the web are saying about it from some of the top marketing forums around! (*Perfect to see some non-biased genuine reviews)

What others say about backlinks indexer!

backlinks indexer review

backlinks indexer review

backlinks indexer review

Now onto the final point…

Fortunately for you backlinks indexer has a range of different “packages” which vary simply by price and the amount of links that will be processed as a result.

So if you only build a small amount of links then go for the smallest package (you can always upgrade later)!

Likewise if you build 1000’s of links a month then go for the biggest package and make the most use out of this service!

So are you ready to finally get your backlinks indexed, supercharged and start ranking your sites as high as they possibly can?



Oooo and i forgot to mention they also have a “use and abuse” 5 day free trial so you can get your backlinks indexed completely free for the first 5 days, see the results before having to pay a dime!