Answer Assault Review – Does This Yahoo Answers Software Really Work?

answer assault

answer assaultAnswer Assault Review!

Back in 2008 i use to be obsessed with yahoo answers, i could literally do 100 or so posts a day there across a few different accounts promoting different stuff and make some really decent money.

First method was actually making my own questions and replying to them with a different account and even better using them to target longtail keywords for quick automatic 1st page rankings (most often 1st position too)
Second method was just simply answering every single question related to my niches and dropping a link!

For a lot of my sites when i first started out yahoo answers was always in the top 3 traffic sources and if the niche was big enough (the bigger the better) then i could bank 100’s of visitors a day just with this stuff!

So as soon as the first software/tool for yahoo answers came out i jumped on it, that was answer eye, which was reasonable but honestly had a few too many bugs for my liking and unfortunately the coder was from china and really struggled to grasp even the basics in english so his manual, software and even sales page STUNK!

So i honestly got a bit dis-heartened, my business grew and so i kinda went off yahoo answers a bit, moved onto other things and kept it as a side project until i could find better yahoo answers software and in-between times just kept doing it manually or outsourcing it now and again!

But then mid 2011 Answer Assault came out!

Finally a new yahoo answers software, demo video looked good, english was perfect but i was still hesitant about jumping on board because with most softwares that JUST come out they often have bugs and i was at a stage in my business where i couldn’t spent weeks waiting for them to fix a bug, so i left it!

Then at the start of 2012 i re-evaluated my business and started using yahoo answers even more again manually, and then soon picked this up and gave it a spin… so let’s take a look at it a bit closer!

What Is Answer Assault…

Yep you got it right… it’s just an automated/semi-automated yahoo answers software!

So if your a whitehat kinda guy then you can just use it to speed up how you post and find questions on yahoo answers, if your more blackhat then you can automate this with spun answers etc!

Let’s watch the demo video first and see exactly how it works (video is always better than words)…

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Now let’s take a quick look at the features….

  • Easy to use functionality in an extremely simple user interface.

– They are actually in the process of re-doing the interface too so soon it will be even more sexy and easy to use

  • Answer selected questions quickly!

– Yahoo answers can take hours to do especially in big niches so this is a massive time saver

  • Keyword Snoop, every x minutes new questions under your keywords are retrieved. Automatically!

– Which means once you setup some keywords in answer assault in your niche then it will automatically tell you when there are new questions to answer, so you don’t have to keep checking or remember which you have already answered!

  • Multi-country support!

– With over 50 MILLION yahoo answers users who said you just had to target the USA? Target anywhere!

  • Extensive ‘usage’ guide and video tutorials

– No banned accounts, no head scratching and overall this is actually rock solid training.

  • Search open questions under keyword

– Another time saver meaning you only get the questions you can leave a reply on and that are highly related!

  • Export searched/posted/answered question URLs for further promotion

– Then take those and build links to them so they rank even higher in google for their keywords and send you more traffic and sales!

  • Select your pre-written questions and answers to save time

– You will find most of the time all you have to do is slightly edit your message but your just re-writing the same reply to multiple questions! Or likewise you can increase traffic by just changing the question slightly!

  • Use spintax/variables to spin your messages and links.

Even quicker than re-writing you can spin them and never have to edit them ever!

  • A one time fee. No monthly contracts!

– Who like’s monthly billing anyway? buy this now and secure in your lower price for life and get free unlimited updates too!

  • Vote answers as ‘best answer’

– These get the MOST traffic and clicks on your links even if they then turn closed! The more “best answers” you have the better and you can now force yours to be best too!

  • Complete management options – quickly keep track of all posted questions/answers, accounts expiry dates etc

– You have already seen the interface and honestly it’s really simple to get use to, to manage and get setup and working for you business!

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BUT one crucial thing ive missed out so far is the updates and any bug fixes if yahoo answers changes, and actually overall they have been really good with this!

There was a period of a few days where the software didn’t fully work because yahoo answers changed loads of it’s layout etc and basicly everything had to be re-coded to make it work and a few days later it was working 100% without bugs again! Now that is fast.

Other than that they have been rolling out user suggested updates ever since release and it’s getting better and better with every update (which are all of course free too)

So for those reasons and the fact that it’s actually the best yahoo answers software on the market and i would imagine will be for many years to come i highly suggest you pick up your copy of answer assault before they increase the prices again.

I highly suggest you pick up answer assault!