So let’s start with the basics, what on earth is Provely and what will it do for you?

Put simply, Provely is a little application you can add to literally any website or individual page with their little javascript code (don’t worry it’s non techy friendly).

What then happens is little popups show people viewing and/or taking actions on your page.

Now don’t worry though, unlike the competitors versions, this works even on a brand new website and you can simulate people taking action or browsing your website until you have real data to show instead. Meaning you get the conversion rate increases from day 1 rather than having to wait to make sales, get viewers or getting people to optin and take action.

Take a look at this graphic below which shows an example of the popup…

Why would you want this?

Simple! It’s social proof, a bit like having testimonials on your site to improve the conversion rates or a facebook comment section where people are leaving reviews.

This is the modern version of Testimonials (Use them both together for even more power)!

It’s giving your visitors live social proof that other people are also on the website and are buying or opting in, which then improves your conversion rates and convinces them to buy or optin too.

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Demo Setup Video….

It’s Also Fully Customizable…

Plus it works on everything….

As it’s only a little javascript code that you put between the <body> tags it will literally work on ANY website at all.

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How Does It Compare To The Competition?

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Again we only provide valuable related bonuses rather than rubbish PLR packages that other affiliates haven’t even looked at and are full of outdated information. (Total Value: $842+)

All bonuses are automatically delivered to your purchase email 🙂

Extra Income Bonus Strategy…

Due to the way Provely works, i.e. it has a little “powered by provely” in the corner of the popup, you can also earn a nice bit of commission and profit just by showcasing this on your websites too. That’s how i found out about it in the first place and that vendor made 2 sales, one from their affiliate link and another on their product.

Nothing better than getting paid to promote something your using to make more money anyway 🙂

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Provely Review & Bonus – Double Your Conversion Rate In 5 Minutes!
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