Unique Article Wizard (UAW) Review! + Secret Strategy Bonus!

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unique article wizardUnique Article Wizard Review!

UAW or Unique Article Wizard is probably one of the oldest article directory submission services that seems to have stood the test of time.

What I mean by that is that it’s still around, it still seems to be going strong and people are still using and talking about it!

BUT! What we are here for is to actually find out if UAW is good or if Unique Article Wizards is a big Scam!

So first off….

What Is UAW (Unique Article Wizard)?

As i said before all it is is a article submission service to get you backlinks. Now they do have 2 sections to their service (post content or get content) however really the majority of people who use this (especially now) are there to post content.

On a side note if you do want to use it to get content then it can get you traffic too and make you money BUT you need to either think out of the box on this or pick up this guide i wrote which details how you can use it to make profit as well as other services which is of course completely free!

Anyhow moving on…. so let’s go over more in depth about what UAW is!

As with most of the better article submission services uaw is built on a network of sites with only a small % being owned and controlled by the owner of the service which were used to get things kicked off.

Then the rest are owned by people like me and you who use them to get fresh content posted on them automatically and hopefully make some money or benefit in other ways from them (again click here to get my guide on doing this properly).

So what this means is their network is build on sites with….

  • Different domain names
  • Unique IP’s (not just c-class either)
  • Unique Whois information (registered names)
  • Unique Themes/Designs/Plugins
  • And hopefully unique content on each one too because of their submission guidelines!

Which is EXACTLY what we as Marketers and SEO’ers need!

How Does Unique Article Wizard Work?

It’s honestly fairly simple to use this to post content and get backlinks, they have a wide variety of options on HOW you can post and to begin with it can get a little confusing BUT once you have done it a few times and used the easy submitter (takes about 20 minutes) then you can progress and use the advanced submitter and it then literally only takes 2 to 3 minutes to submit content (my VA in the Philippines takes about 5 minutes).

So let’s take a look at the inside….


*******COMING SOON! Images of inside with overview*****

IMPORTANT: The reason most people don’t get UAW and choose not to use it is because of the following 2 problems!

1st… The price! $67 a month for most people is a lot of cash and unfortunately that is the cost of this service. BUT you do get unlimited submissions and with my bonus package for this I’m going to show you how you can easily cover that cost and make use of this service to the MAX (without doing loads more work).

2nd… The Content! UAW advertises and tells you that you HAVE to re-write your content 3 times and do alterations and changes here there and everywhere to make it unique, BUT when i say it only takes me 2 minutes per submission i mean that and i will show you how too so you can literally do as many submissions that get approved and distributed.

Is There Anything Better Than UAW?

I’m actually glad you asked :P

If you know anything about SEO then you know it’s all about diversity, getting links from different sites and basically when it’s broken down the more links (as long as they ain’t spammy and deleted) the higher you rank!

So really the choice is yours! UAW works, it works well and honestly it gives you links you wouldn’t have got before and together with my bonus package to give you that “bump” along in using unique article wizard to maximum effect it’s a no brainer.

It’s even more of a no brainer if you are already using other article submission services simply because this should just be another part of your IM’ers tool kit for SEO and “just what you do” to get those initial links drip fed to your site to get things kicked off!



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