The Guru Syndicate – How You Can Be Part Of It Too!

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the syndicateThink it’s about time for a new post on here and this time i wanted to cover something a bit more controversial but that is actually true and done on a smaller level by anyone who is either a JV Manager (what im currently doing) and also just anyone who is out there recruiting affiliates to promote their own products.

You see one thing ive learned is you need to use your leverage to get the bigger people on board and so without actually saying it you in fact form a mini syndicate just like the big boys such as Frank Kern, Mike Filsaim, Andy Jenkins, John Reese and actually loads more.

There are apparently around 12 people in the syndicate so far and im sure it will keep on growing slowly over time too.

So what is this syndicate?

internet marketing syndicate
Well they honestly haven’t kept it a secret and as shown in the image above taken from screen caps of one of Kern’s many videos he actually tells you what he is doing to make his money and make him successful.

But in simple terms all it means is a few people band together and promote each other’s stuff and because the guys in the IM syndicate have huge lists they automatically attract the attention of other people who then jump on board to promote the same product who are outside the syndicate and so the “million dollar” product launch is born time after time.

Simple enough right?

Well yes but when you have no list or only a few thousand in there and you try and form a syndicate most likely people are going to just laugh at you or your going to be joined by people with lower leverage than yourself looking for a free ride to the top.

So how do we become part of this Guru Syndicate?

Well i actually have two answers for you and they are as follows…

First option is to fake the fact that you as a newbie or even intermediate marketer with a list less than 100,000 people or even no list at all deserve to be talked about by 1000’s of people!

How do you do that? Simple!

You can actually pick up things called “solo ads” which is basically a mail shot to peoples inbox from 100’s of marketers where you pay on average between $0.30 and $0.50 per click (more if its just on their buyers lists).

So if your budget allowed it you could simply spend like $10,000 and get around 20,000 to 40,000 clicks (with a discount on your large orders) which would mean an average of around 30,000 different people seeing your offer and on top of that not everyone would click so there would be a % who saw your name but didn’t click and so you are getting some more positive branding there too!

But then if you add in the fact that your either going to be doing JV partner/affiliate recruiting yourself too or getting someone like myself on board to help with that then your going to be getting even more people seeing your offer which in turn get’s even more people to it and it’s an upwards spiral from there!

* Note: Ive never actually tried this but i don’t see why it wouldn’t work even if you did add in some more security to the spiral effect to make sure your investment isn’t wasted.

Second option is to get their attention (which unfortunately is kinda difficult).

Tristan Bull is the latest guy i know of who’s got Kern’s attention with his coaching program who actually was good enough to leave a review which has to help business but no promotions from him so we would have to step it up.

Then on the other side of the table you have people like the salty droid who get’s the wrong kind of attention but still gets to actually talk with these guys on the phone with his blog. Unfortunately though he’s against this whole syndicate thing and the whole IM niche all together calling it a complete scam!

So finally the only real way of getting their attention is to be a top affiliate of there’s for one of their product launches (kinda ironic right).

The most simple way to do this is to get a list and offer some massive bonus’s to the people who buy from your link but don’t leave it at that if you really want to be at the very top, make sure you actively try and get more people on to your list who are interested in getting this product!

The higher up the list you get the more attention your going to get and ultimately the better chance they have of “returning the favor” and putting out a promotion for you too!

*Note: Remember they don’t HAVE to put out a promotion for you! Just because your in the top 10 or top 5 or even the top affiliate doesn’t mean they have to but it would be stupid of them not too as they will want you on their next launch too

Now in the mean time you may be asking… how on earth do i get to this stage right?

Well the answer seems to be to simply have a list! And then keep on growing it and growing it until putting out promotions for any launch lands you somewhere near the top every single time, meaning you then team up with different people along the way and eventually either have the ability to build your own syndicate or ultimately grab the attention of these “guru’s” and get to join theirs.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and if your wondering where this inspiration for a complete change of subject came about from then it came from this “news” post!

But before you go make sure to leave your thoughts on this below :)





  1. Hi, well that was a rapid tour of a complex issue but there is nuggets of gold in there of course.

    the above doesn’t just apply to the Frank Kerns of the world and is equally applied to the mid-range product creators and affiliates alike. In fact, this same conundrum spirals all the way down until we get back to the bottom.

    The one missing part for me of course is the critical element of list building, you did cover it but this is absolutely the central aspect and not at all a simple feat to accomplish (when talking of lists of 100k+ at least).

    So, thanks for your post, it raises a common scenario and answers it correctly, now maybe for your next post, give us the how!

    Thanks and big respect…


    • Lewis Turner says:

      Your completely right Tony,

      So many other people are forming their own mini-syndicates and the people in those are of course people who have list’s and the power to drive traffic immediately to anything they want.

      Most people overlook list building and having a list as actually being a negative simply because of the fact in the beginning if you don’t grow the size of your list fast enough there may in fact be better things to do with your time (especially when you are struggling financially).

      But the real ROI comes when you have a huge list that keeps on growing on a daily basis and you can spend say 30 minutes a day if not less scheduling emails to go out and make money from these same people over and over again!

      It’s a bit like having a website that ranks 1st for whatever keyword you want but instead of ever being able to be effected by google you have full control of where it ranks forever.

      Lewis Turner

  2. Dude this is spot on, if I do say so myself.
    So all I have to do to join The Guru Syndicate is get a big list then promote their stuff. Sounds easy. But your right Lewis having a list that keeps growing on a daily basis is key to keeping up with everyone else.

    Thanks for the interesting read, really enjoyed it.

    Talk soon,

    – Isaiah Jackson

    • Lewis Turner says:

      Really glad you enjoyed it :)

      And remember that that is the kinda final frontier and not the be all and end all of marketing, you may in fact never get there and seeing as im not a member and i don’t personally know anyone who is it could well be that you will never get in.

      BUT like i said it is the journey you take to get there, the syndicates and partnerships you create a long the way which will get you to that top level.

      Forming a partnership with say 30 other people who release a product or something they need traffic too once a week or so will still give you time to both send out a promotion for them if it’s worthwhile while at the same time still having the freedom to grow your business.

      That network of 30 people who are at the same or a very similar “leverage” level as you all working together is where the real power is and getting there is the challenge.

      Lewis Turner

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