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As you probably already know by now your on my blog!

As you also probably already know this is me in the picture to the left <— yes that’s my ugly mug!

Me being Lewis Turner the Online Marketer who’s here to help you!

Now seeing as your on already my blog i thought i would give you some background information about myself, which i find sometimes is missing from other marketers who hide behind there pc screen and don’t say boo to a ghost!

But first i wanted to run through some of my aims and goals in life and with my online business (hopefully yours are similar):

* Freedom

* Travel The World

* Help Other People Achieve Their Goals

* And Of Course Like Anyone Earn Some Money While Doing It Too!

If you can relate to any or all of these points then your already on the right track and deserve a gold star just for that alone!

I have already started work on achieving all of these and actually went to Africa back in 2007 on a humanitarian mission to help the children there in the north of Africa! Hopefully will get you a video or something with some pictures of me there and anyone contemplating going to help out then i would definatly suggest it, its a once in a lifetime experience that will change your views on life forever!

As you can probably tell when i write i jump from one thing to the next… so just bare with me on this (you will probably get use to it)!

Now onto how i got started!

You may find this a bit boring so i will keep it short and by no means have i just been lucky with my online ventures and businesses they all took a lot of hard work and testing of methods as well as a lot of learning and of course those all important failures.

I started making websites and ‘marketing’ when i was just 13, so that’s back in 2009! But by no means was i some computer tech genius i actually just got playing some MMORPG’s online and then decided to ask around and see how i could get started and make my own!

After months and months of research i found some basic scripts, addons and learn about hosting and cpanel as well as setting up the script and some html and also how to do simple graphics! Oh and of course setup a paypal account so that i could pay for the hosting. However i had no money to start any of this so i ended up working for around $0.50 an hour making forum posts for people at $0.01 a post and spent day’s building up this income just to pay for the hosting!

I literally started with $0 and worked for less than minimum wage in the most under-developed country in the world!

I eventually released my site and then literally sat there for hours on end telling everyone i knew about the site and literally sending 1000’s of in game PM’s to other members on other sites and giving them my sites link! In the end all of my accounts ended up getting banned for a week or whatever so then i moved onto new sites and setup new accounts and did the same over and over again. These were all sent manually and i typed every single one by hand as i didn’t even know how to copy and paste!

Now i know that it’s called spamming but back then i had no idea and didn’t know one thing about marketing at all!

The first day i think i got over 1000 members and that was fantastic… the game was alive and i even made about $20 or something from $5 donations to get a 30 day upgrade of their accounts!

By that time my $0.01 forum posting seemed like a joke when i earn $20 in my first day!

So then i carried on doing the PM thing (spam) and told people to promote their referral links to gain more in game bonuses and so the site grew to about 10,000 in a month! From those 10,000 members i made $1000 in my first month! At the age of 13 i was shocked and so took most of it out of paypal and went clothes, sweets and toy shopping i think!

Now i know that was a bad move as i really should have just re-invested it back in but i thought i would be making $1000+ a month from this site every month and i would no longer have to slave away for someone else at $0.50 an hour!

Then with the money i left in my paypal i hired some cheap coders to change some things for me and fix some errors and bugs! As honestly i had no clue about any of that sort of techy stuff and still don’t today.

In the end i kept the site for about 3 to 4 months as after that i was spending too much time on it every night after school and the money also dropped as many people purchased yearly memberships and so i wasn’t making that much every month anymore!

None the less i had my first site success and it was really my first site too!

I then a year later moved on to “Get Paid To” sites and did exactly the same as i did with the last site (spam people) and eventually i made around $20 to $50 a day from it! I later again sold the site because of all the work involved!

Then i changed again and dabbled in some blackhat marketing from the age of about 15 to 17! It actually ended up teaching me alot and really opened my mind to thinking outside the box, which i find whitehat marketing does not!

However the money came and went with each new method and i was always ‘chasing the buck’ so to speak! So this was by no means a long term money making strategy.

So then i discovered affiliate marketing and cpa, clickbank and then eventually product creation!

It was actually because of one of those ‘make money while you sleep’ and a ’setup and profit’ type sites showing cars and girls and money and what they have and how i can have it to! Now being only 17 at the time i really only liked the thought of making money while i sleep and not having to continue doing work in order to make big money.

Needless to say that did not work out and i even followed the guide and strategy the whole way through and spent day’s working on making this site look amazing and then later discovered the reason it didn’t work was because there was no marketing taught in this manual. That was very annoying to start with a failure but i knew there had to be some truth in this whitehat marketing and affiliate marketing they were talking about. Right?

Since then i have built up a rather small affiliate marketing network which sells other peoples products for a commission and earns me about $100 a day!

I also have made a few products which have brought me in over $50,000 in income from just the few months each one has been on sale for!

However they took a lot of work and i still have sites that have never made me money that i keep just in case one day they do, yet that i have spent hours and hours on creating from scratch.

I am now working on bigger product launches, better products and what i like to call ‘affiliate marketing niche domination’

Its one hardcore strategy that when i’ve dominated enough niches i will surely make a product teaching you all about it to! (Nice pre-sell for you right there).

So anyhow that’s the general gist of my online business success and of course failures!

But the reason i made this site was so that i can do what i do best and that’s actually helping other people to make money, that’s also the reason i prefer to create top quality products that i know actually help people rather than promoting something that ‘will do’ or ‘is good enough’ like i was before, it just doesn’t have the same satisfaction.


Lewis Turner