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Fiverr “Excessive Use Of The Terms…” SOLVED!

I understand why fiverr has this feature (to stop keyword stuffing to try and climb up the internal ranking system which is similar to the original google when it first launched)... BUT this "excessive use of the terms" is bloomin annoying when there is only a limited vocabulary for certain words. Case in point....  I mean come on! I tried changing the word "Backlinks [...]

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Fiverr Gig Requests – What NOT To Do!

So I recently made a gig request that had already after just 24 hours (probably only 12 hours actually live) has had over 20 offers already! Fantastic (or so I thought!) I then started to go through the gigs and remove the one's that were really awful and shortlist the best one's to see who I wanted to hire to get this done. Luckily I stopped half way through and though [...]

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The $0 to $100 Challenge – No Fiverr Sales!

So it's been about a week now with the first gig live, 6 days with the 2nd gig live and I added the 3rd gig just a few days ago now... BUT! I've made NO sales! Which I kinda expected but wanted to test to see how much of a push I needed to give them to get the ball rolling.... Here are the stats so far from the 3 gigs (top one being the newest) The last time I ran f [...]

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